andrew bretherick

Andrew Bretherick BSc MBChB

Andrew created the code upon which the physiology simulator is built: a labyrinth of equations that produces integrated modelling of gas transport under almost any conditions. He also writes some of the tutorials.

He is a doctor in Queensland, Australia. He completed his undergraduate training at the University of Edinburgh in 2009 and foundation programme, also in the South East of Scotland, in 2011. He has a keen interest in anaesthesia and a first class degree in molecular biology. After completing an academic foundation programme he became an Honorary Clinical Tutor at the University of Edinburgh. His primary research interests are computational biology and applied physiology.

Recent Publications

1. Acute liver failure in Scotland between 1992 and 2009; incidence, aetiology and outcome.

Bretherick AD, Craig DG, Masterton G, Bates C, Davidson J, Martin K, Iredale JP, Simpson KJ.
QJM. 2011 Nov;104(11):945-56. PMID: 21729878

2. Evidence for alpha-helices in the gas phase: a case study using Melittin from honey bee venom.

Florance HV, Stopford AP, Kalapothakis JM, McCullough BJ, Bretherick A, Barran PE.
Analyst. 2011 Sep 7;136(17):3446-52. PMID: 21701716